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Common Accessories

The peripheral components can be used for various OMRON Control Components.

Common Accessories List

There are 4 products of Common Accessories.

PYF-[][]-PU / P2RF-[][]-PU Sockets with Push-In Plus technology PYF-[][]-PU / P2RF-[][]-PU

Our Value Design Products Increase the Value of Your Control Panels. Sockets with Push-In Plus technology to Save Work Added to Series for MY and G2R-S Relays.

PYF[][]S / P2RF-[][]-S Screwless Clamp Terminal Sockets PYF[][]S / P2RF-[][]-S

New Screwless Terminal Sockets Added for MY and G2R Relays.

Y92A-[][]N Watertight Cover Y92A-[][]N

Ideal for Food Processing Machines or Other Applications that Require Watertightness