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Safety Controllers

Safety Controllers form the core of the system when building safety circuits for equipment and facilities. Appropriate circuits can be configured to enable detecting input and output faults and to enable failsafe systems.

Safety Controllers List

There are 18 products of Safety Controllers.

NX-CSG / SL5 / SI / SO NX-series Communication Control Unit/Safety Control Units NX-CSG / SL5 / SI / SO

Quick, easy, and flexible to integrate safety into production lines

GI-SMD / SID Safety I/O Terminal GI-S series GI-SMD / SID

Safety I/O Terminals for CIP Safety™

G9SE Safety Relay Unit G9SE

Complete line-up of compact units, including OFF-delayed safety output models

NX-SL Safety CPU Unit NX-SL

The Safety CPU Unit controls up to 32 Safety I/O Units.

NX-SI / SO Safety I/O Unit NX-SI / SO

4 or 8 points per Safety Input Unit,2 or 4 points per Safety Output Unit.

G9SP Safety Controller G9SP

Easy programming for complex safety control

G9SX Flexible Safety Unit G9SX

Logical AND Function Adds Flexibility to I/O Expansion

G9SX-SM Standstill Monitoring Unit G9SX-SM

Sensor-less Monitoring of Standstill for Machines with Long Inertia

G9SX-LM Low-speed Monitoring Unit G9SX-LM

Low-speed Monitoring Function Ensures Safety for Maintenance Work

G9SX-GS Safety Guard Switching Unit G9SX-GS

A Safety Measure for Hazardous Operations That Does Not Lower Productivity

G9SA Safety Relay Unit G9SA

The G9SA Series Offers a Complete Line-up of Compact Units

G9SB Safety Relay Unit G9SB

Ultra Slim Safety Relay Unit

NE1A-SCPU Series Safety Network Controller NE1A-SCPU Series

Achieve Safety Control through Programming.

NE1A-SCPU0[]-EIP Safety Network Controller NE1A-SCPU0[]-EIP

Visualizes the Safety System by Directly Connecting EtherNet/IP of the SYSMAC CS/CJ Series

NE1A-EDR01 EtherNet/IP-DeviceNet Router NE1A-EDR01

Allows a safety system to be monitored from Ethernet.

NE0A-SCPU01 Safety Network Controller NE0A-SCPU01

New Lineup for Safety Applications with Up to 12 Inputs

DST1 Series Safety I/O Terminals DST1 Series

Distributed Safety Terminals That Reduce Wiring.

G9SA-300-SC Safety Relay Unit (Sensor Connector Type) G9SA-300-SC

Less Wiring Required with Safety Light Curtain