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E2E / E2EQ NEXT Series

Proximity Sensor

E2E / E2EQ NEXT Series

Long-distance Detection Prevents Unexpected Facility Stoppages

Stable operation

Long-distance Detection Prevents Unexpected Facility Stoppages

New Proximity Sensors reduce unexpected facility stoppages due to false detection, failures, and damage caused by previous proximity sensors.

E2E / E2EQ NEXT Series Features 2

Less False Detection Even When a Stationary Gets Away From the Sensor Due to Equipment Vibration.

E2E / E2EQ NEXT Series Features 3

When Workpiece Sitting Position Varies Collisions Are Unlikely to Happen.

E2E / E2EQ NEXT Series Features 4

Long-distance and Stable Detection Technology "Thermal Distance Control" and Industry's First Analog Digital Hybrid IC "PROX2"

Proximity sensors with longer sensing distance require increased sensitivity. However, with the increased sensitivity, temperature changes will have bigger influence in sensing distance. E2E NEXT Proximity Sensors use "Thermal Distance Control": long-distance and stable detection technology, newly developed by OMRON.
"Thermal Distance Control" with "PROX2" write temperature correction values externally when shipped and minimize the sensing distance changes due to temperature changes, which could not be done by the conventional analog IC. It is industry's first for 2-wire proximity sensors to use analog digital hybrid IC "PROX2".

E2E / E2EQ NEXT Series Features 5

Quick recovery

Enhanced Usability Enables Facilities that Can Recover in a Short Time Without Skill Requirements

Less time required from failure to recovery (MTTR: Mean Time To Recovery).

Indicator can be installed without regard to the orientation.

E2E / E2EQ NEXT Series Features 8

Only 10 Seconds * to Replace a Proximity Sensor with "e-jig".

E2E / E2EQ NEXT Series Features 9

Easily upgrade existing facilities to the one that needs "only 10 seconds * to replace" a proximity sensor

The sensing distance of E2E-NEXT is nearly double the conventional one. The sensing distance of the M12 models is 7 mm, which is same as conventional M18 models.
When you use an e-jig together, you can easily upgrade existing facilities to the ones that need only 10 seconds * to replace a proximity sensor.

E2E / E2EQ NEXT Series Features 10

* Time required to adjust the diistance when installing a Sensor. Based on OMRON investigation.

Less failures

Components with Oil Resistance of 2 Years*1 Further Reduce Unexpected Facility Stoppages

The Sensor reduces further unexpected failures in environments requiring oil resistance in addition to damage caused by collisions.

Cables with enhanced oil resistance enabled 2-year oil resistance *1.

E2E / E2EQ NEXT Series Features 14

Eight representative types of oil which had oil resistance testing

E2E / E2EQ NEXT Series Features 15

M12 Pre-wired Smartclick Connector models also 2-Year Oil Resistance verifified

• Uses unique OMRON technology PVC cable with increased oil resistance.
   Oil-resistance performance values of 2 years *1
• With smartclick structure, No matter who do the connection, the result is the same.
   To block the ingress of cutting oil.

E2E / E2EQ NEXT Series Features 16
E2E / E2EQ NEXT Series Features 17

*1. · Applicable oil types: specified in JIS K 2241:2000
2-year oil resistance indicates the median value of the product design and the oil-resistance performance criterion result (=Typical value).
Products to be shipped will have around 2 years of oil resistance, but will very depending on the product.
· The Pre-wired Connector Model verifies 2 years of oil resistance when mating with Round Oil-resistant Connectors XS5 NEXT series.
*2. The IP67G is the degree of protection which is defined according to the JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards).
The IP67 indicates the same level of protection as defined by the IEC, and the G indicates that a device has resistance to oil.
*3. pH values recommended by the cutting oil manufacturer are listed.

Greater Flexibility

Downsized Sensor Enhances Flexibility in Facility Design

Longer sensing distance enables one size smaller sensor with the same sensing distance, so we can add more sensors to an empty space and save space for the installation.

E2E / E2EQ NEXT Series Features 19

Easy to install in a welding jig

E2E / E2EQ NEXT Series Features 20

Integrating the number of model types to unify models kept in stock.

E2E / E2EQ NEXT Series Features 21