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V430-F Series

Auto Focus Multi Code Reader

V430-F Series

Smallest in class* (*Fixed mount multi code readers with 1.2 Mpix or more. Based on Omron investigation in March 2018.)

Code Readers

Appearance Number of pixels Field of view* Reading distance* Model
3702_lu_1_1 5 million pixels (Color) Wide View Autofocus
50 to 300 mm
Middle View V430-F000M50C
1.2 million pixels
Wide View Autofocus
50 to 300 mm
Middle View V430-F000M12M
Narrow View Autofocus
40 to 150 mm
0.3 million pixels
Middle View Fixed Focus 50 mm V430-F050M03M
Fixed Focus 81 mm V430-F081M03M
Fixed Focus 102 mm V430-F102M03M

* Refer to Read Ranges on catalog detail.

Mounting Brackets

Appearance Type Model
3702_lu_2_1 L Bracket (It's possible to adjust the angle.) V430-AM0
3702_lu_2_2 Mounting Block V430-AM1

Cables (Bending Resistant Cables)

Appearance Type Connecter Length Model
3702_lu_3_1 I/O Cables Straight 3 m V430-W8-3M
Straight 5 m V430-W8-5M
Right angle down *1 3 m V430-W8LD-3M
Right angle up *1 3 m V430-W8LU-3M
3702_lu_3_2 Ethernet Cables Straight 3 m V430-WE-3M
Straight 5 m V430-WE-5M
Right angle down *1 3 m V430-WELD-3M
Right angle up *1 3 m V430-WELU-3M
3702_lu_3_3 Cordset, M12 12-Pin Socket to
DB9 Socket with M12 12-Pin Plug
Straight 3 m V430-W2-3M

V430-F Series Lineup 4

*1. The orientation of connectors are shown below.

V430-F Series Lineup 5

*2. Connect V430-W8 to I/O connector (M12 12-pin plug) and connect to a power supply.

Optics Options

Appearance Type Model
3702_lu_6_1 Front Window (for replacement) V430-AF0
3702_lu_6_2 Diffuser V430-AF1
3702_lu_6_3 Polarizer V430-AF2
3702_lu_6_4 Right Angle Mirror V430-AF3