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Wiring-reduction and Work-saving Components

Model Location Class
Temperature Humidity Vibration EMC Enclosure
G71/G72C B B A A *
* There are no enclosure requirements for OMRON products. Follow the DNV enclosure requirements specified separately for installation locations of the panel containing the product.
Note 1: The above table lists series names. Ask your OMRON representative for details on specific model numbers.
Note 2: Model certification has not been received for usage on the deck, in the bridge, or in locations subject to strong vibration.
The following DNV (Det Norske Veritas) rules apply: Environmental Test Specific for Instrument and Automation Equipment Standard for Certification No. 2.4.
Refer to the following table for the location classes.
Table 2-1 Location classes-Selection guide
Column I Column II
Parameters Location within main area MAIN AREAS ON BOARD
Machinery spaces Control room, Accommodation Bridge Pump room, Holds, Rooms with no heating Open Deck
Temperature Inside cubicles, desks, etc. with temperature rise of 5ツーC or more B B B D D
All other locations A A A C D
Humidity Locations where special precau-tions are taken to avoid condensa-tion A A A A A
All other locations B B B B B
Vibration On machinery such as internal com-bustion engines, compressors, pumps, including piping on such machinery B - - B B
Masts - - - - C
All other locations A A A A A
EMC Electro-magnetic com-patibility All locations within specified main areas A A B A B
Enclosure Submerged application D - - D D
Below floor plates in engine room C - - - -
All other locations B A A B C