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OMRON IA Japan has been ranked first among B2B websites in Japan for six consecutive years

JULY 6, 2012 (Japan) - Omron IA Japan has been ranked first among BtoB websites in Japan for six consecutive years.
First place in the general evaluation category for six consecutive years Omron IA Japan is the best BtoB website in Japan in 2011, according to research done by Japan Brand Strategy, Inc., Tokyo, Japan.
The access experience on the job, degree of sufficiency for demand are important evaluation points. Omron IA Japan was given the highest evaluation on both points.
With this honour as encouragement, all of us at Omron will continue to do our best to improve our website from now on.

Investigation Summary

The following subjects have been investigated by JBS, Inc.


241 sites in Japanese that introduce products / services for business between companies (BtoB).


Questionnaires from 9,823 persons.
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