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Safety Scanner Ideal for Collision Avoidance and Obstacle Detection of AGV

JUNE 29, 2010 (ASIA PACIFIC) - OS32C Safety Laser Scanner is able to solve many safety applications, e.g. obstacle detection on AGV. Its low profile allows installation in small spaces making it ideal for collision avoidance of AGVs (automated guided vehicles).
For complex AGV applications, up to 70 combinations - each with one safety zone and two warning zones can be set. What's more, replacing a damaged sensor has never been faster and easier! No re-programming is required as the configuration which is stored in the I/O block can be detached from the sensor block. The OS32C Safety Laser Scanner is also compliant to global safety standards such as Safety Category 3 (ISO13849-1), SIL2 and CE.
Safety Scanner installed on AGV is able to detect obstacles in 270°.
For more information about this collision avoidance sensor, please refer to:
OS32C Safety Laser Scanner