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General-purpose Relay: Bleeder Resistance

FAQ No. FAQ02799

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What bleeder resistance is required when operating the AC coil of MY General-purpose Relays from a distance?


Refer to the following table.

(Typical Values)

Bleeder Resistance for MY4 AC100/110V

Float capacitance (μF)Resistance (kΩ)Wattage (W)
0.05 max.Not required.-
0.05 to 0.1572
0.15 to 0.1762.5
0.17 to 0.1953
0.19 to 0.2344
0.23 to 0.3035
0.30 to 0.4228
0.42 min.115

Bleeder Resistance for MY4 AC200/220V

Float capacitance (μF)Resistance (kΩ)Wattage (W)
0.01 max.Not required.-
0.01 to 0.1288
0.12 to 0.1479
0.14 to 0.15610
0.15 to 0.18512
0.18 min.415


1.CVV cable: Nominal conductor cross-section: 2 mm2 (7 conductors), Float capacitance between wires: 0.15 to 0.25 (μF/km).

2.The resistance wattages are reference values. Be sure to check the values in the circuit actually used.