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FH Series

Vision System

FH Series

High-speed, high-accuracy inspection and measurement - like or even more than the human eye

High-speed, high-accuracy inspection and measurement - like or even more than the human eye

Many cameras are installed in almost all production processes to automate quality inspections and ensure security and safety. This means that the amount of image information is increasing. Moreover, changes in products require higher levels of performance for vision systems used for automation. In these circumstances, Omron further developed our FH Series to meet rapidly growing automation needs and higher performance requirements.
We help you solve your inspection and measurement issues through integration of high-speed, high-resolution compact cameras jointly developed with Omron Sentech Co., Ltd. and our unique algorithms.
Packed with technologies, this vision system will enable more customers to easily employ image processing.
We offer products which bring automation to manufacturing sites, contributing to manufacturing around the world.

FH Series Features 2

Clearly shows defects by flexibly changing illumination colors and angles

This light can be adjusted to defects by freely combining the illumination directions, colors, and light intensities. Even if new objects or inspection items are added after installation, there is no need to add or change the light—just change the illumination pattern.
The lighting patterns can be registered as setting data, facilitating duplicating production lines.
*1. Based on Omron investigation in June 2018.
*2. MDMC…Multi-Direction Multi-Color

FH Series Features 4
FH Series Features 5
FH Series Features 6

Industry's highest*1 image resolution of 80 Mpix*2 by new high resolution cameras

*1. Based on Omron investigation in June 2018.
*2. The resolution of overlapped sections in a panorama image will be lower when overlapping parts of a captured image
     are combined using the feature point function.

Ultra-high-speed sensing technology in a compact design

High-resolution cameras capture a wide field of view, which can cause image transfer bottlenecks that increase production cycle times. We use a new CMOS image element and dual transfer technology to capture high-resolution images and transfer images at high speeds.
This facilitates applications that previously required multiple cameras or a mechanism to move a camera.

FH Series Features 9
FH Series Features 10
FH Series Features 11

Industry’s fastest* processing speed

FH Series Features 12
FH Series Features 13
FH Series Features 14
FH Series Features 15
FH Series Features 16

Intuitive design interface reduces complexity

FH Series Features 17
FH Series Features 18
FH Series Features 19

Operation interface optimized for use at production sites

FH Series Features 20
FH Series Features 21
FH Series Features 22

Software for high-speed, high-precision inspections and measurements

FH Series Features 23
FH Series Features 24
FH Series Features 25
FH Series Features 26
FH Series Features 27
FH Series Features 28
FH Series Features 29
FH Series Features 30
FH Series Features 31

Seamless connection with Omron products makes production lines more efficient

FH Series Features 32

Integrated development

FH Series Features 33