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NX-CSG / SL5 / SI / SO

NX-series Communication Control Unit/Safety Control Units

NX-CSG / SL5 / SI / SO

Quick, easy, and flexible to integrate safety into production lines

Flexible safety system for large-scale production

EtherNet/IP for safety across the world

Production systems have to meet worldwide standards because of the globalization of production.
CIP Safety is a protocol for transmitting safety data via EtherNet/IP that is adopted by factory automation and robot manufacturers all over the world. Using CIP Safety, you can build globally standardized networks and simplify the global procurement of production systems.

One connection using CIP Safety

Safety systems for industrial robots are becoming increasingly used; networks can be easily built with the NX-CSG Communication Control Unit and NX-SL5 Safety CPU Units which support CIP Safety.

NX-CSG / SL5 / SI / SO Features 3

EtherNet/IP brings flexibility

Multiple network ports enable a safety network to be divided into several segments, making it easy to connect many network devices required for a large production line. This allows flexibility to add or remove devices from existing safety systems.

Safety control between lines : Port 1
Robot control within process : Port 2A, 2B

NX-CSG / SL5 / SI / SO Features 4

Fast and fixed response cycle facilitates reconfiguration

The NX-CSG320 Communication Control Unit and NX-SL5 Safety CPU Unit provide safety communications via CIP safety and at the same time provides local high-speed safety I/O control. With a local I/O response time as low as every 50 ms, the NX-SL5 Safety CPU Unit can be used for applications where a high level of responsiveness is required.
* Calculate the response speed of your system taking the performance of I/O devices into consideration. Refer to the manual for details.

NX-CSG / SL5 / SI / SO Features 5

Standardize the safety system network for a large robot system

System configuration

In this example, devices and machines communicate via EtherNet/IP and CIP Safety in this system.
Each process includes robots, safety light curtains, emergency stop switches, and other safety components. The NX-CSG Communication Control Unit and NX-SL5 Safety CPU Unit execute safety control programs in each process. CIP Safety is used for safety interlocking between processes and for building a safety control network across the system.

NX-CSG / SL5 / SI / SO Features 7

Interlocking between various machines

Simple configuration

CIP Safety allows safety devices and standard devices to be mixed on the same network, providing safety interlock control between machines. CIP Safety robots and remote I/O terminals can be easily connected.

Modular processes bring flexibility to line layouts

The NX-CSG320 Communication Control Unit and NX-SL5 Safety CPU Unit exchange interlock signals with other machines while implementing safety control within the machine. Programs for machine control and safety control can be created for each machine. This modularized design helps standardize design and improve design efficiency.

Modular machines with individual CPU units

System configuration

Machine 1 and 3 are processing machines with the control program and safety control program for each machine.
Machine 2 is a material handling machine that transports products processed by Machine 1 and 3 to the next process. The NX-CSG320 Communication Control Unit and NX-SL5 Safety CPU Unit are used for all machines, and CIP Safety is used for safety interlocking between machines.

NX-CSG / SL5 / SI / SO Features 12

Two different networks in a single system

The NX-SL5 Safety CPU Unit connected with the NX102 Machine Automation Controller enables the use of both EtherCAT + FSoE (Safety over EtherCAT) and EtherNet/IP + CIP Safety at the same time.
In addition to interlock control within a machine via FSoE, safety interlock between machines can be implemented using CIP Safety.

Integrated safety into high-speed machine control

The NX-SL5 Safety CPU Unit combination with the NX102 Machine Automation Controller , provides both safety control and machine control with fast cycle times.
By mounting the NX-SL Safety CPU Unit and safety I/O units to the NX102 and by connecting the servo drives via FSoE on EtherCAT, you can configure a simple motion and safety control system using high-speed networks.

Line safety control and fast machine control at the same time

System configuration

The NX102 Machine Automation Controller and NX-SL5 Safety CPU Unit are used in Machine 1 and 2 to build a system with safety network and real-time control capabilities using EtherCAT. The machine status is reported to the host system and displayed on the HMI connected on the same network.

NX-CSG / SL5 / SI / SO Features 16

Improve design productivity

The Automation Software Sysmac Studio provides various functionalities to reduce time required for production system design and safety program verification.

[Design] Reduce time required for production system design

Automatic Programming

Create a truth table using input, output, and stop conditions of safety devices to automatically create a safety program for a simple machine.

* Programs created by Automatic Programming will not guarantee functional safety.
Refer to the User's Manual (Cat. No. Z395) for details.

NX-CSG / SL5 / SI / SO Features 19

User-defined Function Block (FB)

Programs can be easily converted into a user-defined function block (FB); help files can be attached to describe input and output conditions as well as the functionality of the program within the function block (FB). Different security levels can be set to protect the function block from viewing and unauthorized modifications.

* User-defined FBs can be used as modular software components according to the hardware configuration. They help standardize programs and maintain the consistency of design quality.

NX-CSG / SL5 / SI / SO Features 20

[Verification] Implement safety management without experts and global standardization

Offline Simulation

Programs can be simulated on your PC, Sysmac Studio allows verification of programs without connecting hardware.

NX-CSG / SL5 / SI / SO Features 22

Online Functional Test

Online Functional Test enables operation of safety functions to be checked when the NX-SL5 Safety CPU Unit is online with Sysmac Studio. The test results can be output as a report along with the safety signature; the safety signature is displayed on the seven-segment display of the NX-SL5 Safety CPU Unit, and can easily checked if the configuration matches the report after the program has been validated.

NX-CSG / SL5 / SI / SO Features 23
NX-CSG / SL5 / SI / SO Features 24

Maintenance without PC

No PC is required for maintenance, which reduces production system maintenance work and minimizes system downtime.

[Operation] Minimize system downtime

Safety Data Logging

An SD card containing logging settings is used for Safety Data Logging.
When start trigger conditions are met, the specified device variables and exposed variables can be logged in a chronological order and output to the memory card.
This function helps to quickly identify the cause of a sudden stoppage of the system and determine preventive measures.

NX-CSG / SL5 / SI / SO Features 27

[Operation] Reduce maintenance work

Safety Unit Restore

Programs and settings can be stored on an SD card inserted into the communication control unit. When the safety CPU unit is replaced, the stored programs and settings can be easily copied to a new unit using the SD card.

NX-CSG / SL5 / SI / SO Features 29

ACR (Automatic Configuration Restart)

When replacing a safety I/O unit, just remove the old unit and mount a new unit. The setting data is automatically downloaded without using software.

NX-CSG / SL5 / SI / SO Features 30