Reduction of GHG emissions

GHG emission reduction by switching to high-efficiency power supplies enable energy-saving control panel

lastupdate: 2024/01/10

Power loss reduction by selecting high-efficiency power supplies

Power loss occur during voltage conversion in the power supply which takes important role of convert AC input to DC input for generating control panel. This power loss changes heat and it become source of carbon dioxide CO2 known as GHG=greenhouse gas.

In case replace high-efficiency power supply S8VK-WA20224

The high-efficiency S8VK-WA20224 power supply boosts efficiency to reduce power loss and GHG emissions.

GHG emission reduction effect

GHG reduction rate: (306 kg - 133 kg) / 306 kg = 56.5%
GHG reduction: 306 kg - 133 kg = 173 kg

This effect is equivalent to approx. 20 tree forestation. *1

*1 Based on calculation by Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) that in a forest with 1,000 40-year-old Japanese cedar trees planted per hectare, it takes 509 trees to absorb the CO2 amount emitted by a single household (4,480 kg); which means that a single tree absorbs 8.8 kg (4,480 kg ÷ 509)

Source: MAFF website describing amount of CO2 absorbed by forests (

OMRON's technologies for enabling high efficiency

Harmonic suppression circuits (interleaving method)

Ripple current(loss) reduction technology by shifting pair harmonic suppression circuit phase and control.

DC/DC circuit (LLC resonant converter)

Switching loss reduction technology by controlling ON/OFF timing of pair device.

Part Design (Magnetic Simulation)

Reduces power consumption (heating) by optimizing winding specifications and core gaps of transformers.

Thermal design (thermal simulation)

Achieve optimal layout of devices by parts modeling analysis of heat generation and convection.

Waste saving

We work on GHG reduction not only high-efficiency power supply itself but also waste saving activity such as 30% combine shipping paper less and change packaging design for easy separation.

Easier separation of different materials

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