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Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation


Support Software are integrated tools which help accomplish tasks from programming PLCs to setting Special I/O Units and getting networks started. Peripheral Devices such as Converters and Cables are also available

Software List

There are 6 products of Software.

Sysmac Studio Ver.1.[][] Automation Software Sysmac Studio Sysmac Studio Ver.1.[][]

Provides an integrated development environment for NJ/NX/NY-series Controllers. With its intuitive user interface, integrates programming, test and debug of logic, motion, safety and vision sensors and achieves an advanced security function.

SYSMAC-XR[][][] Sysmac Library SYSMAC-XR[][][]

The Sysmac Library for the NJ/NX/NY Controller provides Function Blocks packed with know-how that makes advanced control easy.

CXONE-AL[][]D-V4 FA Integrated Tool Package CXONE-AL[][]D-V4

The CX-One is a comprehensive software package that integrates PLC Programming Software with Support Software for setting up Networks, Programmable Terminals, Servo Systems, Inverters, and Temperature Controllers.

WS02-SGWC1 / CPLC1 FA Communications Software WS02-SGWC1 / CPLC1

FA Communications Software Lets You Create Applications with Flexible, High-speed, and Direct Data Link Access to PLCs from Personal Computers.

EST2-2C-MV4 CX-Thermo Support Software Ver. 4.[] EST2-2C-MV4

Monitoring/Setting Support Software for General-purpose temperature adjustment controller. Temperature Controllers Enabling Faster Parameter Setup, Device Adjustment, and Maintenance.

CX-Designer FA Integrated Tool Package CX-One CX-Designer

Intuitive operability will increase programming efficiency from screen data creation to debugging for NS series.