Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

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We're here to help with Manufacturing Efficiency,
Training, Repairs, Safety Services and Robot Support

OMRON Engineering Services can play a crucial role in the entire lifecycle of a production line, from the initial design stages to operation and decommissioning. Our commitment to sustainability includes considerations for energy efficiency and waste reduction. Through training programs, we empower staff with the necessary skills for effective utilization and maintenance. OMRON’s holistic approach aims to deliver integrated and sustainable solutions for the evolving needs of manufacturing industries.

Proof of Concept

Proof of Concept (PoC) service helps you to outline and solve your robotics or industrial automation solution.


Education is a mainstay of any industrial workplace. Keep engineers, machine operators and maintenance personnel up to date on OMRON technologies

Robot Services

Our team of robotic service specialists are dedicated to make sure that you can keep your installation healthy through the whole service life.


OMRON’s i-BELT Data Services enhance manufacturing efficiency through data insights and collaborative problem-solving.

Safety Services

Leverage our industry knowledge of both safety and industrial control to help you achieve compliance

Technical Engineering Support

Providing expert assistance and guidance to address technical challenges and ensure optimal performance in various engineering processes.