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Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

Pulse Input

A Rotary Pulse Indicator for high-speed measurements is available.

Pulse Input List

There are 4 products of Pulse Input.

K3HB-R Rotary Pulse Indicator K3HB-R

Digital Rotary Pulse Meter Capable of 50 kHz Measurements

K3HB-P Timer Interval Indicator K3HB-P

Digital Time Interval Meter for Measuring Passing Speed, Time, or Cycle between Two Points.

K3HB-C Up/Down Counting Pulse Indicator K3HB-C

Measure High-speed Up/down Pulses with this Up/down Pulse Meter.

K3MA-F Frequency/Rate Meter K3MA-F

Highly Visible LCD Display with 2-color (Red and Green) LEDs