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Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation


Smart Sensors High-Precision Contact Type


The Smart Answer to High-precision Measuring Applications that Were Difficult with Non-contact Types

The Smart Answer to High-precision Measuring Applications that Were Difficult with Non-contact Types

Industry's Top Class Resolution

ZX-T Features 3 ZX-T_Features1

The long-stroke ZX-TDS04T[] (4-mm measurement range) achieves high-precision measurement with the industry's top class of resolution (0.1 μm) and linearity of 0.3 FS max.

ZX-TDS10T-[][] long-range type
Resolution: 0.4 mm, Linearity: ±0.5% FS

Ultra-low-load Type (0.065 N)

ZX-T Features 7 ZX-T_Features2

Since micropressure contact is achieved using the Actuator's own weight, these Sensor Heads are ideal for taking measurements where non-contact Sensors cannot be used, such as on transparent and glossy products or products that are easily scratched or warped

Automate Measurements with Vacuum-retracting Type (Air Lifter Type).

ZX-T Features 10 ZX-T_Features3

Switching from dial gauges to automatic inspection is a snap with the ZX-TDS10T-V. Meanwhile, the ZX-TDS10T-VL can control air push models in addition to air lift models so that contact force can now be controlled externally.

Combines Reliability and Innovations in Advanced Technology with Remarkable Ease of Use

No Need to Calculate or Reset the Origin

The ZX-T uses a differential transformer method, so there is no need to change the absolute origin position. As a result, master adjustment and origin calculation do not have to be performed each time operation is started. There is also no need for complex zero point return operations have been eliminated.

ZX-T Features 15 ZX-T_Features4

Auto Scale Function

The Amplifier automatically displays the measurement distance when it is connected to the Sensor Head. The cable also be extended up to 10 meters with no effect on characteristics.

ZX-T Features 18 ZX-T_Features5

Warming-up Display

After the power is turned ON, this display indicates when the Sensor Head has warmed up to its optimum measurement condition.

ZX-T Features 21 ZX-T_Features6

Long Product Life (Mechanical Durability: 10,000,000 Operations Min.)

The ZX-TDS01T Sensor Head (1-mm measurement range) and the ZX-TDS04T Sensor Head (4-mm measurement range) have long service lives thanks to the unique linear ball-bearing structure shown below. Sliding parts move smoothly and the rubber sleeves keep dust out.

ZX-T Features 24 ZX-T_Features7

Pressing Force Alarm

Problems caused by excessive pressing force in inappropriate measurement situations can be detected in advance and a signal can be output to prevent malfunction. For example, preventive measures can be taken with a PLC, such as automatically stopping the measurement.

ZX-T Features 27 ZX-T_Features8

Actuators (1-mm and 4-mm measurement range types only: ZX-TDS01T and ZX-TDS04T)

Select the most appropriate Actuator for your application.

ZX-T Features 30 ZX-T_Features9