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Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation


Multi-function Compact Inverter


Born to drive machines   

Amazing in Control

High starting torque and torque control capability in open loop mode give you full control of your machine dynamics and performance. Options for all of the major open network systems.

Torque master

3G3MX2-V1 Features 2

The MX2-V1 delivers 200% starting torque near stand-still (0.5 Hz) and can operate in torque control in open loop mode. This allows the MX2-V1 to be used in applications where closed loop AC vector drives were previously used.

Easy network integration

3G3MX2-V1 Features 3

Standard industrial networks, such as EtherCAT, CompoNet or DeviceNet as options. High-speed EtherCAT provides solutions for the entire system from input to output with Sysmac Series.

Easy communications setting

3G3MX2-V1 Features 4

Built-in RS-485 Modbus communications. OMRON Function Blocks are available for the CP H/L and CJ-series PLCs. Those control the MX2-V1 via Modbus communications easily.

Safety in Control

Safety is embedded in the MX2-V1, according to ISO 13849-1, Cat. 3, with two safety inputs and an External Device Monitoring (EDM) output.
No external contactors on the motor side are required, meaning simpler wiring for the user.

Safety embedded; ISO 13849-1, Cat. 3

3G3MX2-V1 Features 6

Dual contactors at the output of the inverter are no longer required.
Direct connection to a safety controller ensures compliance to ISO 13849-1 Cat.3 PLd.
Safety function: IEC 61800-5-2 “Safe Torque Off (STO)”

MOTOR CONTROL Permanent magnet motors

3G3MX2-V1 Features 7

The PM motor conforming to high-efficiency regulations can be controlled. The PM motor promotes further energy saving and achieves earth-friendly machine control.

Position and run!

The MX2-V1 is a drive and position controller in one, ideal for modular machines where moderate positional accuracy is required. Speed synchronisation is also possible, with no additional programming required.

Speed synchronisation

3G3MX2-V1 Features 9

With no external hardware required, and via standard parameter settings, speed synchronisation can be achieved. The MX2-V1 will act as a speed follower to an external pulse generator/encoder signal up to 32 KHz.

Positioning functionality

3G3MX2-V1 Features 10

Specially developed application functionality enables the MX2-V1 to solve simple positioning tasks without the need for an external controller. Up to 8 positions, plus home, can be selected by the user, and furthermore, the MX2-V1 can be switched between speed and position mode.

Program and play!

The MX2-V1 gives you the power to create smart solutions using PLC functionality, as standard. Via an intuitive flow chart programming tool, you can create programs with up to 1000 lines of code and with 5 tasks running in parallel.

Free to program

3G3MX2-V1 Features 12

• Intuitive and user friendly flow chart programming
• Integrated in CX-Drive
• Up to 1000 lines in a program
• 5 tasks can run in parallel
   (CX-Drive version 2.80 or higher is required.)