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Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation


Sensor Communications Unit


The Next-generation Sensor Networking Units That Revolutionize the Workplace from Introduction and Startup though Operation


Radically Reduce Manufacturing Costs

Even if you implement a Sensor Network, the cost of introduction is greatly reduced.

E3NW Features 3

Greatly Reduce Introduction Cost in Comparison to Previous Sensor Networks

E3NW Features 4


Radically Reduce System Commissioning Time

Easy Batch Setting from a Touch Panel

E3NW Features 7

Line Changeovers Are Also Easy with a Setup Backup Function

E3NW Features 8


Radically Increase Machine Productivity

Monitoring for Predictive Maintenance

E3NW Features 11

You can use E3NW communications to create controller programming or touch panel displays to perform all of the settings and monitoring that are described on Catalog.
Display samples for OMRON NS-series Programmable Terminals (touch panels) and sample programming for OMRON NJ-series Controllers are available.
For details, please contact your OMRON sales representative.

Reduced Downtime When Troubles Occur

E3NW Features 13