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Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation


EtherNet/IP Communication Module for CP1L/CP1H PLCs


Versatile, Low-Cost EtherNet/IP Adapter for CP1L/CP1H PLCs

This advanced communications adapter provides versatility by being able to program the CP1L/H over Ethernet and simultaneously being able to communicate with an HMI and/or SCADA software system to the same CP1L/H.

Module supports Normal Mode for easy linking of Data Memories using EtherNet/IP

Module supports IO Block Mode which turns the CP1 into a low cost and flexible remote I/O block using EtherNet/IP

Fits into one of the CP1’s communication slots.

Module supports CP1 programming and NS screen for remote programming and monitoring.

Module has an EDS file and can be used with third party EtherNet/IP devices for maximum flexibility

The module supports “Normal Mode” which is the standard data link and “IO Block Mode” which maps directly to CIO000 to 019 to read the PLC’s inputs and CIO100 to 119 for direct control of the PLC’s outputs. This allows the user to plug in the module and use the PLC as remote I/O without any programming or setup of the PLC. This I/O mapping would include built-in I/O and expansion I/O.