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Industrial Automation


Safety Relay Unit


Complete line-up of compact units, including OFF-delayed safety output models

Compact and easy-to-install units with safety outputs Helps increase your productivity, from installation to maintenance

Omron's new G9SE series of safety relay units offers an easy approach for various simple safety applications. The G9SE saves mounting space, lowers installation cost with Push-In Plus terminal block, and reduces operational cost with intuitive diagnostic indicators.

Slim design to save mounting space

The slim design of only 17.5 or 22.5 mm saves space in the control panel.

G9SE Features 2

Applicable safety standards

EN ISO 13849-1: PLe/Safety Category 4
IEC 62061: SIL3

G9SE Features 3

For various safety input devices

wide variety of safety input devices such as emergency stop switches, door switches, and light curtains can be
OFF-delayed safety output models are also available.

G9SE Features 4

Simple wiring using Push-In Plus terminal block

Easy and reliable installation and maintenance

When the conventional model with terminals on the top and bottom of the unit is installed in a small control panel, it is difficult to secure sufficient space for wiring. The Push-In Plus terminal block on the front of the G9SE make installation easier and much quicker.

G9SE Features 6

Faster troubleshooting with status indicators

The indicators of conventional safety relay units only indicate the operating status of the internal relays (K1/K2), and it is difficult to check the operation or connection of safety input devices. The new intuitive LED indicators of the G9SE show the operating status of safety inputs and outputs, enabling faster and more accurate troubleshooting when the equipment stops.

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