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PCB Inspection System


Innovating manufacturing through Omron advanced inspection technology

Hardware configuration

Type VT-S1080
Outer dimensions 1180(W) x 1450(D) x 1500(H)mm
Weight Approx. 1250 kg
Power supply Voltage 200 to 240 V AC (Single phase);
Voltage fluctuation range ±10%
Rated power 2.0 kVA (Maximum current 10 A)
Line height 900±20mm
Air supply Not required
Operating temperature range 10 to 35°C
Operating humidity range 35 to 80% RH (Non-condensing)
Vision system Imaging system 12M pixel camera
Inspection principle MDMC*1 illumination + 3D reconstruction through MPS*2
Image resolution 12.5μm
FOV 50.0 x 37.5mm

*1:Multi Direction/Multi Color
*2:Micro Phase Shift

Functional specifications

Supported PCB size 50(W) x 50(D)~510(W) x 680(D)mm
Weight (Max) 4 kg
Thickness 0.4~4mm
Clearance Above the conveyor belt: 54 mm or less; Below the conveyor belt: 50 mm or less
(Including board thickness/curvature/bend/part tolerance, etc.)
measurement range
Inspection item Component height, lift, tilt, missing or wrong component, wrong polarity, flipped component,
OCR inspection, 2D code, component offset (X/Y/rotation), fillet (height/length, end joint width,
wetting angle, side joint length), exposed land, foreign material, land error, lead offset, lead
posture, lead presence, solder ball, solder bridge, distance between components, component