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Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

Peripheral Devices

Many types of Cables, Connectors, Branching Taps, the Branching Connectors are provided to facilitate wiring DeviceNet networks.

Peripheral Devices List

There are 3 products of Peripheral Devices.

DCN4-[][]4D Flat Cable Connector DCN4-[][]4D

Easy connection. Now operational 30x faster than before.

DeviceNet Peripheral Devices DeviceNet Peripheral Devices DeviceNet Peripheral Devices

T-branch Connector, Power Supply Tap, Cable, Connector, Terminal-block Terminator,

DCA2 / DCN3 / XS4 DeviceNet Connectors with Thick Cables DCA2 / DCN3 / XS4

Enviroment-resistive Models for Thick Cables