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Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation


DeviceNet Slave Units are listed below. Slaves are available with many connection forms, such as MIL connectors and screwless clamp terminals.

Slaves List

There are 12 products of Slaves.

DRT2-[]D08(-1) / []D16(-1) Transistor Remote I/O Terminals DRT2-[]D08(-1) / []D16(-1)

Allows I/O Expansion with Transistor Terminals

DRT2-[]D16TA(-1) Transistor Remote I/O Terminals with 3-tier Terminal Blocks DRT2-[]D16TA(-1)

A Smart Slave with a 3-tier Terminal Block That Means Wiring Locations Are Easy to Understand with No Sharing of Terminals.

DRT2-ROS16 Remote I/O Terminal with Relay Outputs DRT2-ROS16

A Smart Slave with Relay Outputs and One-step Relay Replacement for Remote Maintenance.

DRT2-[]D16S(-1) e-CON Connector Terminals DRT2-[]D16S(-1)

Includes Sensor Connector That Conforms to Industry Standards And Can Be Used to Connect Sensors with Pre-wired Cables without Using Special Tools.

DRT2-[]D16SL(H)(-1) / []D32SLH(-1) Screw-less Clamp Terminals with Transistors DRT2-[]D16SL(H)(-1) / []D32SLH(-1)

Reduced Wiring and Labor on Factory Sites with Screw-less Terminal Wiring

DRT2-[]D32B(-1) / []D32BV(-1) Board Terminals with MIL Connector DRT2-[]D32B(-1) / []D32BV(-1)

First Board-type Terminals for Smart Slaves!

DRT2-TS04[] Temperature Input Terminals DRT2-TS04[]

Temperature Input Terminal with Smart Functionality

DRT2-AD04(H) / DA02 Analog I/O Terminals DRT2-AD04(H) / DA02

Performs Calculations on Analog Values within the Slave Itself. Also Provides High Resolution at 1/30,000 (Full Scale) and Support for a Wide Variety of Data Sampling.

DRT2-[]D04CL(-1) / []D08C(-1) / []D08CL(-1) / []D16C(-1) / []D16CL(-1) Environment-resistive Terminals with Transistors DRT2-[]D04CL(-1) / []D08C(-1) / []D08CL(-1) / []D16C(-1) / []D16CL(-1)

Environment-resistive (IP67) I/O Terminals with Troubleshooting Functions such as Sensor Power Supply Short-circuit Detection

V680 Series RFID System V680 Series

RFID Systems with ISO/IEC 18000-3 (ISO/IEC15693) Compliance

NT-DRT21 Programmable Terminal DeviceNet Interface Unit NT-DRT21

Connect to DeviceNet Using a NT31/631-series Programmable Terminal as a Slave.