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Modular Temperature Controller


In-panel Temperature Controller with Flexible Modular Design and Wide Integration with Host Devices

• The compact modular structure enables construction of temperature systems optimally suited to the application.

• Connection can be made to a Programmable Controller without any programming required, reducing the number of steps required in ladder programming design.

• One fully universal-input Unit includes a thermocouple, platinum-resistance thermometer, and analog input for easy selection and reduced inventory requirements.

• Connect directly to the G3ZA Multi-channel Power Controller using optimum cycle control for high-accuracy regulation with minimal noise.

• Autotuning (AT) can be used for independent heating/cooling PID control.

• Self-tuning (ST) can be used to calculate the PID constants with the step response method.

• Up to 16 Temperature Controllers can be connected to a single DeviceNet Communications Unit.