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Industrial Automation

Automation Center for Logistics

Discover the Future of Logistics at Our Automation Center

Welcome to a hub where automation transforms logistics.​

Welcome to the OMRON Automation Center for Logistics, where innovation meets automation to revolutionize the world of logistics. Step into a realm of cutting-edge technology that reshapes the industry and empowers businesses with efficient, sustainable, and resilient solutions. Immerse yourself in an experience that showcases the seamless integration of industrial robots, custom mobile robots, and visionary solutions. As a leader in Logistics 4.0 adoption, OMRON Industrial Automation is dedicated to shaping the future of logistics across the Asia Pacific region.

Unveiling Intriguing Intralogistics Solutions

At our state-of-the-art facility, witness a captivating array of intralogistics solutions that redefine the possibilities. Our demonstrations of complete fulfillment center operations, orchestrated by industrial robots, will leave you in awe. Explore the precision of 3D-vision-guided pick and palletize solutions, and discover the autonomous material movement facilitated by custom mobile robot solutions. Dive into the world of Robotics Middleware Frame (RMF) technology, where mobile robots seamlessly collaborate, creating a harmonious dance of efficiency. Engage with hands-on logistics training cells and embrace a range of sustainable technologies that pave the path to operational excellence.

OMRON Automation Center for Logistics - 1

Palletizing and zero-wait case transfer

OMRON Automation Center for Logistics - 2

Container Goods loading/unloading

OMRON Automation Center for Logistics - 3

Automated Goods Unloading

Here's how to visit our showroom

Interlocal Center #02-16, 100G Pasir Panjang Rd, Singapore 118523

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Navigating a Sustainable Future

In a world where challenges like labor shortages, spatial limitations, and supply chain disruptions loom large, our Automation Center for Logistics stands as a beacon of resilience and competitiveness. Partnering with leaders within the robotics and automation ecosystem, we’re committed to fostering strong collaborations that expedite the adoption of Logistics 4.0. Our facility serves as a testament to addressing critical industry challenges head-on, empowering businesses to navigate these complexities effortlessly. 

Witness the Future of Logistics Automation in Action.​