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OMRON Training Courses

In line with Industrial 4.0 roadmap for Industrial Automation, Omron offer manufacturing technologies and solutions backed by an industry-leading lineup of products addressing towards the requirement from manufacturing industry. Omron recognised the needs and demands from manufacturing companies to train and equip their employees with the right skills and knowledge thus we are working with partners from training institution for collaboration on conducting short course geared towards Industrial 4.0.


* All short courses are approved by Skillsfuture SG (SSG) and Workforce Singapore (WSG) for subsidy. Please refer to the below for course fee details and course dates from the respective training institute

** Registering your interest on OMRON Training Portal does not equate to your registration of the training course. Please register your interest on our portal followed by registering for the course at the respective institution’s webpage

Training Partners

1) Introduction to Predictive Analytics for Maintenance

This is a basic course in Predictive Analytics for Maintenance.
The course aims to equip the participant with the following:

  • An appreciation of statistical concepts that underpin Predictive Maintenance ideas
  • An understanding of simple statistical process monitoring techniques used in tracking developments of critical measurements
  • An understanding of Correlation and Simple Regression Analysis used in degradation data monitoring / modelling
  • Simple ideas in failure time modelling that are useful in scheduling of preventive maintenance activities

Course Outline

  • Basic statistical concepts & distribution
  • Statistical process monitoring of measurements
  • Correlation and simple regression analysis of degradation data
  • Failure time modelling

Date: 4th June

Registration Close: 17th May 2019

2) Sensor Technology and Traceability for Digital Manufacturing

Traceability protocols minimize disruption in manufacturing, which has an immediate cost such as messing out production planning and often results in loss of productivity and machine efficiency. Sensors, RFID and Vision systems can be utilized to capture the information, and through the data management; learners are allowed to realize these traceability protocols.

Course Outline

  • Need and benefits of traceability
  • Traceability fundamentals
  • Planning for traceability in digital manufacturing
  • Implementing traceability and manage data
  • Practical application & case study

Date: 13th & 14th June 2019

Registration Close: 2nd June 2019

Training Partners

3) Basic Automation

This 3-day short course is the first course in industrial automation. This course will provide a bridge to intermediate and advanced industrial automation courses that gear towards Industry 4.0. The course includes lectures to provide participants the necessary concepts of a Programmable Logic Controller – PLC, also known as programmable controller, a type of computer commonly used in commercial and industrial control applications follow by practical sessions to allow the participants to program PLC in ladder logic which monitors the input status of the process and controls the output status based on a pre-defined requirements. The participants will:

  • Attain skills to complete several industrial applications using ladder diagrams without prior PLC programming experience
  • Learn the use of Omron CX programmer software, CX Designer (HMI simulator) software, CJ2M PLC and 3G3MX2 Inverter
  • Study about the general controls, digital and analogue IO, ladder logic programming, HMI emulation, VSD control and more

Date: 18th - 20th September 2019

Registration Close: 22th August 2019