Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

The OMRON Medium-Duty (MD) series of mobile robots
provides more options in moving more material.

The OMRON MD-650 offers a mid-range payload capacity of 650 kg. The medium-range payload capacity to provide customers with more options for transporting parts and products around their facility. Designed for industrial manufacturing and warehouse logistics operations, the MD-650 can work collaboratively with humans and is an ideal choice for pallet-moving applications where pickup and drop-off stands can be used.

Product Features of MD650

650KG Payload Capacity

Positioned to cater to the medium payload range, MD-650 can support a weight of up to 650 kg.​

Dynamic Intelligent 360° Safety​

Designed for compliance with the latest safety ​ standard, ISO 3691-4.​

Optimized Battery Life​ ​

Advanced battery and charging technology, it can perform for an 8 hours with just a half-hour of charging.​

High-Speed with Safety Measures​

Reaching a maximum speeds of 2.2 m/s with its advanced obstacle avoidance algorithm.​

The MD series uses advanced LiDAR systems and can adjust its safety zones based on speed and rotation. 

In addition, dual zone sets are available for switching safety footprints when picking up and dropping off payloads that change the overall safety profile of the mobile robot. 

With on board advanced navigation and obstacle avoidance algorithms the MD series is capable of full reverse navigation. This enhances operation in narrow aisles, minimizing cycle time and elevating throughput.

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