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Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

Code Readers

OMRON's Code Reader selection includes compact models suitable for integration into machines and robust models ideal for industrial use.

Code Readers List

There are 10 products of Code Readers.

V440-F 5-Megapixel C-Mount Code Reader V440-F

User-configurable barcode reader

V400-R2 Multi Code Reader V400-R2

The Ultra-small Multi-code Reader That Can Handle Speed

V450-H Handheld Reader V450-H

Ultra-Rugged Direct Part Mark Handheld Reader

V410-H Handheld Reader V410-H

Versatile, powerful decode performance for any application.

FQ-CR Series Code Reader FQ-CR Series

Exceptional Reading Performance with Easy Operation

MS-3 Series Laser Barcode Reader MS-3 Series

Ultra-Compact Laser Barcode Reader

QX-830 Series Laser Barcode Reader QX-830 Series

Compact Industrial Laser Barcode Reader

QX-870 Series Laser Barcode Reader QX-870 Series

Industrial Raster Laser Barcode Reader

V500-R2 Laser-type Bar Code Reader V500-R2

The World’s Smallest Bar Code Reader That Fits Essentially Anywhere. *According to OMRON investigation in January 2013.