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Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation


Handheld Reader


Ultra-Rugged Direct Part Mark Handheld Reader

Outstanding ruggedness

V450-H Features 1

Its tested durability and environmental immunity ensure reliability.


· Drop Test: Multiple 2.4 m drops to concrete (Wireless type)
· Tumble Test: 5,000 tumbles at 1 m

Environmental immunity

· IP Rating: IP65/IP67
· Industrial Fluid Resistance
    Motor/Engine Oil
    Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF)
    Continuously Variable Transmission Fluid (CVT)
    Industrial De-Greaser
    Brake Fluid (DOT4)

Consistent reading of DataMatrix of 3 mm square*2

V450-H Features 4

In addition to high resolution, two patterns of direct/indirect illumination appropriate for DPM codes are adopted, allowing consistent reading of the DPM codes marked on a variety of material surfaces.
*2. DataMatrix: 0.1016 mm at minimum resolution

Consistent reading of DPM X-mode decode algorithms

Reliable reading despite inconsistent print quality

The V450-H Series includes our unique and robust X-Mode decoding algorithms. Expanded X-Mode decoding algorithms can reliably read distorted and damaged codes by correcting variations in print quality.

V450-H Features 6

Code reader loss-prevention function (in cradle for wireless model)

V450-H Features 7

For the wireless type, the code reader can emit a sound when the paging button on the cradle is pressed. The code reader can be easily located by the sound, thereby preventing misplacement or loss.

Easy setup with WebLinkPC

V450-H Features 8

Easy setup with PC setup tool WebLinkPC. Setting most commonly used reading conditions and checking reading result are possible on a single screen, providing efficient setting.

Notification with a beep sound, a display indicator, and vibration

In addition to a beeper, visual and vibrating indicators provide silent confirmation of successful reads for noisy or sensitive environments.

When using the HS-360 series

HS-360X series have been discontinued at June 2023.
Check the table below and use the V450-H series which is an upward compatible product of the HS-360X series.

V450-H Features 10