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Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

QX-830 Series

Laser Barcode Reader

QX-830 Series

Compact Industrial Laser Barcode Reader

• Scans / second: 300 to 1400

• Read Range: 25 to 762 mm

• Optional Embedded Ethernet TCP / IP & EtherNet / IP

• IP54 Enclosure

QX-830 Series Features 2

ESP®Easy Setup Program: Single-point software solution provides quick and easy setup and configuration of all OMRON Microscan readers.

QX-830 Series Features 3

EZ Button: This performs reader setup and configuration with no computer required.

QX-830 Series Features 4

Visible Indicators: Performance indicators include “good read” green flash and LEDs.

QX-830 Series Features 5

QX Platform: Quick Connect system and X-Mode technology combine to provide simple connectivity, networking, and high performance decoding.

Quick Connect System

• Plug and play setup
• Single or multi-code reader solutions

X-Mode Technology

• Decodes damaged, poorly printed, or misaligned codes
• Ensures high read rates and throughput

High Performance

Aggressive decoding capabilities allow reliable reading of barcodes out to 762 mm, at up to a 254 mm beam width.

Real-time Feedback

Visible LED indicators on the side of the code reader and a “good read” green flash projecting from the front window provide confirmation of the code reader’s performance. The green flash is visible within a complete 360 degree radius from the code reader.

Ethernet Protocols

The QX-830 includes optional embedded Ethernet TCP / IP and EtherNet / IP for high speed communication.


The compact size of the QX-830 allows flexible positioning for a variety of applications.

Application Examples

• Any industrial environment from light to heavy duty
• Conveyor lines
• Packaging and sortation
• Electronics production
• Embedded within machinery

QX–830: Available Codes

QX-830 Series Features 13