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Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation


S8VK-S (30/60/120/240/480-W Models)


A Perfect Fit for Small Control Panels Coated PCBs for Better Resistance to Environment Connections for Easy Wiring

Model Number Structure

Model Number Legend

Note: Not all combinations are possible. Refer to List of Models in Ordering Information, below.

S8VK-S Lineup 2

Ordering Information

Note: For details on normal stock models, contact your nearest OMRON representative.

Power ratings Rated input voltage Rated output
voltage (DC)
Rated output
boost current
Model number
30 W 100 to 240 VAC
allowable range:
85 to 264 VAC or
90 to 350 VDC)
24 V 1.3 A 1.56 A S8VK-S03024
60 W 24 V 2.5 A 3 A S8VK-S06024
120 W 24 V 5 A 6 A S8VK-S12024
240 W 24 V 10 A 15 A S8VK-S24024
480 W 24 V 20 A 30 A S8VK-S48024

Mounting Brackets

Name Model
Front-mounting bracket (for 30 W and 60 W models) S82Y-VS10F
Side-mounting bracket (for 30 W and 60 W models) S82Y-VS10S
Front-mounting bracket (for 240 W and 480 W models) S82Y-VK10F

Note: Be sure to use the accessory screws.
          Mounting screw tightening torque (recommended): 4.43 to 5.31 lb-in (0.5 to 0.6 N·m)