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Primary Contents

  • Introduction Guide

  • Try Out Development Software

  • Training

  • 3rd-Party Ladder Program Converter

Introduction Guide

Exclusively for the beginners of Omron PLC, we had prepared this CP1 Series Introduction Manual for you to learn and understand better about PLC operations.

As an application example on garage's shutter control system, you can learn each step from system design, equipment wiring to programming and debugging.

You can also found application examples on how to use every function of CP Series, as well as programming examples from the Appendix section.

» CP1L/CP1E Introduction Manual

NB Series Startup Guide - Overview

This startup guide provides easy-to-understand explanation and also various examples NB Series HMI screen creation as well as how to connect to CP1E Micro PLC. The basic operations of NB-Designer are also included.

» NB Series Startup Guide

Try Out Development Software

CX-Programmer for CP1E (Trial Version)

CX-Programmer exclusively for CP1E (20, 30 and 40-point models only). This trial version can be used up to 150 days upon installation.

» CX-Programmer for CP1E (Trial Version) Download


NB Series Screen Creation Software. NB-Designer can be downloaded for free from the following link:

» NB-Designer Download


Face-to-face Training

We provide a variety of courses at our locations worldwide, such as regularly scheduled and customized seminars. Our training is also provided in your local native language.

In our introductory PLC course, you will be able to learn how to operate the micro PLC via training equipment provided. You can also learn programming using the CX-Programmer software.

Our courses are conducted regularly. For more information, please refer to our training schedule.

» View OMRON Training Schedule


e-Learning of OMRON Industrial Automation is a self-learning portal where you can learn about OMRON's sensing and control devices online (web environment), anytime and anywhere. Not only available in Japanese language, other languages especially English and local languages are also available, which makes this portal ideal as an educational tool for domestic as well as overseas employees.

The Basics of Micro PLC (Setup)

In this course, you will be able to learn about the features, product line-up, hardware specifications and also software settings etc. of CP1 Series.

(Language available:Japanese, English, Thai, Vietnamese and Indonesian)

Main learning outlines:

• Select the best-suited CP1 models according to your functional requirements
• Learn the important points on I/O wiring
• How to allocate address of CP1
• Learn the functions and procedures of the required software

NB Basic Operation

In this course, you can learn the main features of NB Series, how to create screens and method connecting to PLC.
(Language available: English, Japanese)

Main learning outlines:

• NB's functions and features
• Select the necessary equipment for the startup of NB
• Screen creation using NB-Designer
• Screen data transfer and system settings

» Join OMRON Industrial Automation's e-Learning

(Registration and login is required)

3rd-Party Ladder Program Converter

Ladder program converter is software that converts your existing ladder program working on different PLCs to OMRON PLC. So far the ladder program converter supports 3rd-party PLC models like Mitsubishi FX1N, FX1S series, FX2 series, FX3 Series, Siemens S7-200, as well as OMRON's CP1E, CP1L & CP1H models.

CX-One Lite Ver.4.0 and above CX-One Ver.4.0 and above come with the Ladder Program Converter, which can be used instantly after installing the CX-One software.

If you would like to try the conversion, please download below.

» Ladder Program Converter

To replace with CP1E, use this ladder program converter together with CX-Programmer (trial version available). This software trial version is only available for CP1E of 20-, 30- and 40-point CPU models only.

For more details on the conversion and its requirements, please refer to the instruction manual of Ladder Program Converter.

Please note that all programs will not be converted completely.