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Lean Automation Package 1

CP1E + NB + MX2 =
Three types of communication ports are available as CP1E standard features

CP1E-N[][]S1 comes with a standard 3-port, that covers RS-232C, RS-485 and USB communications.

Therefore, NB series HMI, MX2 Series Inverter and E5CC Temperature Controller can be connected at the same time. In addition, the maintenance of programs and configuration can be done via software that is connected to CP1E.

» Download NB Screen Template


Lean Automation Package 2

CP1E + NB + E5CC = Programless Communications Function

E5CC Temperature Controller is able to communicate with the CP1E without a program.

E5CC data such as current value, alarm set value and status can be exchanged with CP1E without a ladder program.

» Download NB Screen Template


Lean Automation Package 3

NB + E5CC = Less PLC Control via NB HMI

NB series HMI supports Modbus-RTU, thus it can be connected directly with E5CC Temperature Controller via serial communication (Modbus).

Less PLC control of the devices is possible.

» Download NB Screen Template


Lean Automation Package 4

NB + MX2 = MX2 Drive Programming Function

With the new Drive Programming feature in MX2 Series, it can create a program in using flow chart in text format via the CX-Drive software. Hence, you will be able to run simple sequence with a stand-alone inverter.

In addition, as NB series HMI supports Modbus-RTU, it can be connected to MX2 Series Inverter directly via serial communications (Modbus).

With the combination of these two devices, PLC control can be minimised.

» Download NB Screen Template