Sysmac Automation Platform

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  • Sysmac communicates in real-time with Databases such as SQL
  • Secure Data: In the event of a server going down or losing communications, data is automatically stored in internal memory
  • Sysmac operates with Databases at high speed [1000 table element/ 100 ms] ensuring realistic Big Data Processing to improve productivity and aid predictive maintenance etc.
  • Motion Control: Integrated within the IDE, and operating in real-time
  • Standard PLCopen® Function Blocks plus Omron generated motion FB’s
  • Direct Synchronous control for Position, Speed and Torque
  • All safety related data is synchronized with the whole network
  • The PLCopen® FBD simplifies and accelerates the development process through structuring safety circuits and enhancing reuse.
  • Higher resolution images available without increasing the vision processing time
  • Shape search technology: Provides more stable and accurate object detection for Pick & Place projects
  • Up to 8 Delta robots with one controller
  • Time-based Robotic Function Blocks make programming easier
  • Full control of the process parameter setting and predictive maintenance functions
  • High precision detection and positioning data synchronized on the network