Sysmac Solution

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• New technology for smart manufacturing

• Collaboration between humans and machines

• Environmentally safe products


• Integratd systems for optimized manufacturing

• Production data avaliable in real-time

• In-line quality inspection: zero defects


• Quick product changeovers

• Openness and third party connectivity

• Scalable systems for optimum solutions


• Non-stop processes, 24/7 operation

• Extended product lifecycle


• Products meet global standards

• Local support for training, repairs and spare-parts supply

• Engineering environment compliance with global standards

Change of Society Surrounding Manufacturing

Challenges Through Manufacturing Value Chain

Challenges which are initiated by the change of manufacturing differ by customers’ roles and industry.

Manufacturers of end products, device suppliers to them, manufacturers of production equipment, panel builders and system integrators.

Omron surveys challenges of all the customers individually.

In order to assist customers to solve and overcome challenges such as globalization, safety and security, improvement of productivity, production innovation, etc., we will work on new technologies and products which compose the latest automation as well as expansion and enrichment of service and support.