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Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation


S8VK-S (30/60/120/240/480-W Models)


A Perfect Fit for Small Control Panels Coated PCBs for Better Resistance to Environment Connections for Easy Wiring

Uniform height reduces dead space and enables control panel downsizing

S8VK-S Features 1

The switch mode power supply, noise filter, and DC electronic circuit protector, all compliant with the “Value Design for Panel” concept, are made to be uniform in height to reduce dead space and enable control panel downsizing.

S8VK-S Features 2


Extensive array of products with different input specifications and capacities significantly reduces selection effort

The S8VK Series offers both models with single phase (200-240 V) input and those with the more popular high-capacity three-phase input, allowing you to significantly reduce selection effort: just select a product with the input voltage and capacity best suited for your purpose.

S8VK-S Features 4

eCAD library provided for all models greatly reduces design work

S8VK-S Features 5
S8VK-S Features 6

OMRON provides the libraries for over 48,000 models*4, highest in the industry, to achieve the great reduction of works for electrical design drawing and data creation.

*4. In the case of EPLAN, based on OMRON’s investigation as of 2020 December
*5. In the case of ZUKEN E3 series

eCAD Partners

By cooperating with various partners, we offer you more choices for your eCAD solutions.

S8VK-S Features 7

E3.series is a product name of Zuken Inc. for their Electrical and Control Cable Design Solution.
EPLAN is a registered trademark of EPLAN Software & Service GmbH & Co. KG.

Stable operation in a wide range of environments

With excellent vibration and environmental resistance, S8VK power supplies can be used in a wide range of environments.

Issues in stable control panel operation

With the global expansion of production sites, control panels are expected to operate stably in vastly different environments

S8VK-S Features 11

Control panels must comply with standards mandatory in their respective destinations

S8VK-S Features 12

Excellent vibration resistance enables stable operation

The S8VK Series enables stable facility operation even in environments with significant vibration.

S8VK-S Features 13

Vibration resistance enables safe transport as well as reliable operation

Robustly designed for 5G vibration resistance twice the resistance of conventional industrial power supplies.
S8VK power supplies can be safely transported by ship or over rugged terrain.

S8VK-S Features 14

Can operate in a wide range of temperatures, from areas of extreme cold to the hot location

Ambient operating temperature of -40°C to 70°C

S8VK-S Features 15

Can operate in highly humid / dusty environments

Operating humidity of up to 95%; PCBs coated for higher protection from dust

S8VK-S Features 16

Can operate in high altitude environments with low atmospheric pressure

Complies with safety standards even at 3,000 m altitude *1

S8VK-S Features 17

Supports global expansion of production sites through standard compliance and regulations

Complies with major standards such as UL and CSA as well as CE mark and other standards mandatory in specific regions for reliable use almost anywhere in the world. *1

S8VK-S Features 18

*1. Refer to the datasheet of each product for information on supported standards.