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Aluminum vapor deposition prevents oxidation of glossy packaging. However, this process presents major challenges for packaging machine manufacturers, especially for convention systems that are unable to detect color marks on glossy packaging accurately in a consistent way. This increases maintenance effort and packaging wastage.

Highly-reflective glossy packaging

Detection of color mark on glossy packaging

Challenges Faced During
Color Mark Detection


In Figure 1, the light intensity received by the sensor from the glossy packaging is too strong. Therefore, there is insufficient difference in incident levels to detect the color mark on the highly-reflective packaging. (A situation known as saturation)


In Figure 2, the sensor is slightly tilted to avoid saturation, so as to detect the color mark on the packaging. If the sensor is tilted too much, color mark detection will become unstable and inaccurate.

Introducing OMRON’s
New Color Mark Sensors

Light Can Be Received
Over A Wide Range

OMRON’s new Color Mark Photoelectric Sensor (E3S-DC) and Color Fiber Amplifier Unit (E3NX-CA) ensure stable detection of aluminium vapor deposition on glossy packaging, when installed directly above packaging wraps.

Color Mark
Photoelectric Sensor

Wide Dynamic Range. No Saturation Occurs Even With 99% Reflective Optical Mirrors


Wide Incident Light Range — No adjustment required
The high luminance RGB three-color LED light emitting element drastically improves the sensor’s light intensity. Smart Noise Reduction technology is also applied to reduce noise. This results in a high dynamic range that prevents saturation when detecting glossy or mirror surfaces, without the need for adjustments.


Stable Detection On Tilted Workpieces
Color mark detection on thin and soft wrapping paper can be difficult due to shifting angles. Equipped with OMRON’s original narrow beam and a large optical system, stable detection is made possible with E3S-DC.

Color Fiber
Amplifier Unit

Wide Dynamic Range. No Saturation Occurs
Even With 99% Reflective Optical Mirrors


Easy Set-Up For Optimum Light Intensity
With high luminance white LED and Smart Noise Reduction technology, it significantly reduces noise and expands the light intensity adjustment range for the emitter and receiver to 1/100x and 1/3x respectively. This results in a high dynamic range that is four times that of conventional products. Optimum light intensity is achieved simply with 2 button presses on the amplifier unit.


Stable Detection Even For Tilted Workpieces
Stable detection of color mark is made possible with OMRON’s E3NX-CA and coaxial Fiber Unit*, even on thin and soft packaging.

*With an emission beam that covers 60° area, the Fiber Unit is capable of stable color mark detection even of tilted glossy workpieces. It effectively receives diffusion light that carries color information, and does not receive much of the specular reflected light.

Achieve stable detection for your packaging line today!